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"If there's a common thread in my life and career, it's the fanatical drive to take on new challenges and adventures.  My first summer job was running a chainsaw and building roads in the mountains outside Eureka, California.  When I graduated from college, I schemed my way from an office temp position to joining a team of anthropologists on their way to live with the Hadza, a hunter-gatherer tribe in a remote desert area of Tanzania.  When I graduated from the Iowa Writers' Workshop a few years later, I didn't know where I would live or what I would do to make a living (if my creative writing degree didn't magically support me), but I thought I'd steer my Subaru through Los Angeles, just to take a look. Los Angeles led me to making a feature documentary in Alaska, chasing a science-addled prospector as he searched for gold under melting glaciers.  A decade later, I keep chancing upon bizarre new worlds: backyard engineers turning their old clunkers into race cars, Appalachian locals with their eye on building
their own Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley kids popping amphetamines, FIFA executives with their hands in the
cookie jar . . . I don't know where I'm headed, 
but I know it will be interesting." 


Tucker Capps is a Los Angeles-based writer, editor, producer and director from Portland, Oregon.  He has directed films in Tanzania, Alaska, the Czech Republic and China.  His first feature documentary GOOLD’S GOLD was awarded the Grand Jury Prize for Best Feature at the Genart Film Festival in New York.  A graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop, his fiction has been featured in Best New American Voices, and he continues to write for documentaries and television.   

As a producer-director, he has produced an array of television series for several networks, including A&E's Emmy-winning series INTERVENTION and Showtime's TIME OF DEATH, which won the International Documentary Association's annual award for Best Limited Series.  In late 2017, he edited episodes of the Emmy-winning series LEAH REMINI: SCIENTOLOGY AND THE AFTERMATH

Also in 2017, he produced episodes of FASTEST CAR, a Netflix Original Series (released in April 2018), and completed work on National Geographic's WITHOUT A NET: THE DIGITAL DIVIDE IN AMERICA, a new feature documentary that he wrote, produced and co-directed in collaboration with Oscar nominee Rory Kennedy (LAST DAYS IN VIETNAM), with voiceover by Jamie Foxx.  

He lives in Los Angeles, California.


Screening at the 2017 New York Film Festival (WITHOUT A NET)
Grand Jury Prize at the Gen Art Film Festival (GOOLD'S GOLD)
Special Jury Mention at the Austin Film Festival (GOOLD'S GOLD)
Official Selection of True-False Film Festival (GOOLD'S GOLD)
Hot Docs Forum Selection (GOOLD'S GOLD)
IFP Spotlight on Documentaries Selection (GOOLD'S GOLD)
Teaching-Writing Fellowship (Iowa Writers' Workshop)
Short story "Alice" published in Best New American Voices  
The Louis Sudler Prize for Excellence in the Arts (Yale University)